Why Use A Concierge in Queenstown?

Your dream holiday is our pleasure to bring to life. Every tiny detail will be handled on your behalf, all you have to do is enjoy.

queentstown holiday planning

Choose your own dates and keep your trip exclusive to just the travellers you choose; whether you’re a family, couple or a group of friends–  Concierge Queenstown will make it easy every step of the way.

In addition to the benefit of a carefully designed travel plan, including handpicked accommodation, guided Queenstown sightseeing and more, CQ offers a personalised experience that guarantees the success of your dream holiday without costing you any more than if you organised it all yourself. And if that’s not reason enough, here’s a few more reasons why you should let Concierge Queenstown plan your next holiday.

Planning travel logistics is really hard

Dreaming up things to do and see is the best part of a holiday. But, planning out the logistics such as transport, where everyone will sleep, which activities you will do on which day and when? Not so much, right?

Here at Concierge Queenstown, we take all of your ideas (whether they came from your yearlong collection on Pinterest or a recommendation from a friend) and optimise your time so that you can see it all and more!

Let us save you up to 30 hours of planning for the same price as doing it yourself

Avoid the mess of online review sites

Queenstown helicopter toursA holiday is supposed to be relaxing, so don’t obsess about finding the best restaurants, most unique experiences and perfect Queenstown accommodation. That’s our job!

We can arrange for you to meet the best winemakers in the region, get the best rooms and secure THAT table by the window.  We’ll hand you the keys to some of Queenstown’s best hidden gems. All of this is provided for you free of charge!

We have the latest and greatest spots throughout Queenstown on standby just waiting for us to book their services on your behalf.

We only work with the best and most exclusive operators in Queenstown.

Let us cut through the noise of travel forums and review sites for you by providing you with the ultimately curated experience planned uniquely for you and your holiday goals.

Let us take care of your holiday plans. Call today for a no-obligation chat.

We pride ourselves on creating unique Queenstown holiday packages no matter your budget but don’t just take our word for it. See what other happy travellers have to say about our concierge services.

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About Concierge Queenstown

Founded by Steve Hanrahan, Concierge Queenstown is the long realised dream providing independent advice free of influence. With extensive experience in hotels, Steve became frustrated with the need to push products and tours on customers purely because they were partnered with the hotels he was working in.

Preferring to curate unique holiday packages for guests based on their needs, rather than those of the hotel’s bottom line, Steve established Concierge Queenstown, a concierge service independent of any top-down sales pressure.

We only work with the best

Want access to our little black book? Our exclusive connections with local operators, tour companies, restaurants and accommodation providers mean you have access to the best Queenstown has to offer without the stress of planning.

Call now to start planning your unique Queenstown experience.